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Born in northeast China, a city constantly covered by snow and ice. The long winter enables Fan, Ni's dark imagination and keen appreciation on ambiguity. Deepest fear and obsessive desire are locked at the bottom of human's consciousness. They burst to get out, however, are confined by human's self-regulation. Fan, Ni's passion is to adventure into the ambiguity and unconsciousness with the help of the cinematic tools, to portray the hidden impulse which derives from the primitive human nature, and to release the subconsciousness to the ground. 

With a bachelor degree in Journalism, Fan, Ni always finds beauty in true stories of real people. Especially inside the deviant and marginal minds, there is the thin and surrealistic beauty shining on the edge of their smirking lips and the aged wrinkles at corner of their eyes. Portraying real people's life whose voice is unheard or ignored is another life pursuit of Fan, Ni. "NORTH SEA CITY PARK", a documentary featured various figures living at the bottom of the social tier in China. In this traditional city park located in the center of historic town in Beijing, transvestites show off their body and flirt openly; orphans living on the wooden bench traffic the register tickets of nearby hospital; disabled men manage small business under the veil of preaching... A social microcosm exists in this hidden corner of the rapid developing metropolis.

Three years' Film/TV Production graduate program at Loyola Marymount University equips Fan, Ni not only with the sophisticated production skill, but also with the comprehensive understanding towards film theory and genre evolution. During the three years, a style of dark and featuring people's twisted mind gradually comes into shape. An impulsive kiss between a teenager and a widow leads them back to the real life ("KISSING"). A homeless lady ventures in the harsh environment in LA Skid Row ("LONDA"). A stubborn pregnant woman is lost in the maze of memory during the pursuit of the permanent love ("Dream of a Lullaby")...